Children and family session

Remembering the most important moments of life

The photos of when we were children are priceless.
They are unique, unrepeatable moments that remind us how we were young and testify the various phases of our growth.

Nowadays, our mobile phones store myriads of photos of our children, but often they do not have excellent quality and much more frequently they sit there in the phone, filling up the memory.

And that’s why many families decide to turn on a professional photographer, because nothing is better than a professional photo shoot made in the right way and at the right time: a beautiful gift for your child and a precious memory for the whole family.

One of the most frequent photo shoots I make is what the Americans call baby announcement and which I have renamed birth poster.
It is a picture taken during the first months of life of the child, enriched with the main data relating to his birth: time, day, weight and length.
Here is the result:

I also create photographic services on important occasions such as christenings or birthday parties. The style proposed is always what belongs to me, so much reportage and absolute spontaneity.