Couples & engagement sessions

A special moment for you and your partner

An engagement session is, quite simply, a portrait session of you and your future spouse. It’s just a wonderful opportunity to have professional photographs taken of you together during this time of your lives.

The engagement period is a very sweet time in your relationship, and it’s lovely to remember that with some pictures of you both together.

First of all, we choose a location: if you have a location in mind, I’d love to hear about it! Many clients know precisely where they’d like to shoot because they have a location that is important to them.

pre-wedding laura francesconi
If you’re not sure where you’d like to shoot, don’t worry: I’d be glad to recommend you the places that might best fit your desires.

On the shooting day, we’ll take a walk and stop to shoot along the way. I will be looking for a beautiful light and incredible backgrounds that can enhance your portraits.

The poses that we’ll work on are simply designed to get you interacting together. What I’m looking for here is how you make each other laugh, feel and think. It’s your reaction to what each of you says to the other and the natural way of how you interact together.

I want to grab real moments, not staged interaction.

If you have pets or kids, feel free to include them in your session, they can make it a bit more difficult, true, but also funnier and more memorable!