Italian wedding photographer

There are those who tell stories using words. Others who do it through music. I decided to do it through photographs

I started photographing when I was a child and now that I have turned this passion into my work, I can’t nearly believe it. I do a beautiful job that enriches my life every day and by which I can totally express myself.

Photography is constantly evolving: this is why I keep myself constantly updated by participating in international workshops and conferences. Passion, study and a lot of practice allow me to improve my technique and my photographic style every day.

The style that inspires me the most is the photographic reportage, I like to tell how things are like in every context I’m in: a wedding, a family session, baby photos or pregnancy sessions. I like telling stories of love that take place in everyday life. I like capturing unique and special events and tell them in a simple and spontaneous way, respecting the intimacy of those moments.

This style is the one that best express my work as a photographer: children, families, couples, and weddings. The world of family relationships is what I love to tell. I try to give back with the images the emotions that people feel when they are living the most intimate aspects of their life.

For me, being a wedding and family photographer is therefore a choice: I have the opportunity to do the job I love and, above all, I do it in the most beautiful and happy moments of people’s lives.

Because every story is unique and universal at the same time

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I took some pictures. I photographed instead of talking. I photographed not to forget, not to stop watching

– Daniel Pennac


servizio fotografico matromonio testimonial manuela e carlo

When I started organizing my wedding, the only thing I was sure about was the person who would have captured the best day of my life. You can find the reason watching her photos: there are no words to describe what she can see behind her lens.

She was able to tell by photographs the emotions of that day, the spontaneity of unforgettable moments.

Thanks Laura, precious friend, photographer & unique storytelling.

Manuela & Carlo

Laura’s photos are the result of a passion that you perceive immediately as soon as you see her with the camera in her hand, she has sensitivity and sweetness out of the ordinary.

Thanks to her smile and her spontaneous approach, being photographed by her becomes a unique experience.

And then you see yourself there, on the screen, every shot taken with care and precision. And you wonder how she can make everything so wonderful and exciting. And a teardrop always goes down…


laura francesconi fotografa bambini testimonial
servizio fotografico matrimonio testimonial isabel e francesco

Laura is a sweet and tactful person, she was very kind and helpful from the first moment we contacted her. She gave her best to capture the joy, the emotion and the love of that day!

We could not be happier about our choice.

Details-oriented, she captured all the details on which for months I had worked hard!
Thanks Laura

Isabel & Francesco

The best moments of my life come alive with the same intensity of emotions every time I look at Laura’s pictures. I have always chosen her for the stories of our special days:

more than a thousand words, she manages to tell us with a few shots, synthetic and poetic.

And it’s always 100% us, without poses, without stress, without retouching, so normal seen from inside and every time so special seen by her. I can only recommend you to look at her pictures, then you will choose her with no doubts!


fotografa gravidanza laura francesconi daniela
servizio fotografico matrimonio testimonial federica e antonio

People say that each person corresponds to a passion. For the lucky ones, this passion also becomes a job. Laura belongs to this group of people.

You notice that immediately from the spontaneity with which she moves around in search of new shots.

She has a disarming simplicity by which she manages to let you enter her world of colors and poses. I chose her for my wedding service without knowing her, but in a matter of seconds I realized that she was the person I was looking for. I’m sure you will get that feeling too, looking at her photographs or simply listening to her.

Federica & Antonio

Laura Francesconi is a serious and professional photographer, reliable, honest and able to capture in her pictures a lot of strong emotions.

She is also a very sweet person with a big heart, always ready to welcome you and support you. Personally, I found her supportive throughout the day of the wedding, she transmitted me serenity and joy. She works with collaborators and colleagues of the highest professional and personal quality. If you want to get excited with spontaneity and naturalness, rely on Laura Francesconi for your wedding photo shoots.

Federica & Massimo

servizio fotografico matrimonio testimonial serena carta

Our experience with Laura was fantastic, we found an excellent photographer who was able to capture all the details of our most special day.

Always available and never intrusive, I recommend her to all those who, even after years, want to feel again the emotions of that day every time they browse their pictures.

I hope to see her soon again for a pregnancy session!

Serena & Fabio

We could not be happier with our choice!

Laura was professional and super helpful, she immortalized with care and sensitivity every little detail of our wedding, in her beautiful photos you can see all the spontaneity and happiness of that special day.

Eleonora & Carlo

foto matrimonio eleonora carlo laura francesconi
servizio fotografico matrimonio testimonial ilaria fozzi

Laura was very helpful and professional from the beginning; at the engagement session she made us feel comfortable, and during the wedding she immortalized every little detail with care and sensitivity, without interfering but letting everything be spontaneous and true, just as we wanted.

We could not be happier with our choice!

Ilaria & Davide