Pregnancy session

9 months of emotions

The pregnancy session is one of my best love.
As a photographer, but above all as a woman, I believe that pregnancy is one of the most important moments in life and deserves to be told with extreme sensitivity.

And what better way to tell such an extraordinary story than through photographs?

Having a pregnancy session is fun and sweet at the same time. During the photo session, I always think about the emotions that these images will trigger in the future.

Over the years, when watching herself in those pictures, that mother will feel again the emotions of those long and joyous days of waiting.
Her children, on the other hand, will have a tangible testimony of what their mother looked like when they had not yet come into the world.


And this is a priceless gift.
A beautiful gift to make, or to receive.


The best time to perform the pregnancy service is during the eighth month when the belly is beautifully round and the mother is not too tired yet. Besides, it is better not to go too far, as you never know when the child decides to get born!

The pregnancy session can be carried out either in an open-air location or in a comfortable, familiar place such as your family home, where you can feel at ease. Similarly, shootings for newborns and babies can be arranged after the big day in the environment that is more suitable for you and them!

The photo session can be held in the company of your children or with your partner, transforming this opportunity into a real family session that completes such a special period. The duration is about 2 hours.

In the photo gallery, you can see a selection of pictures I have taken in recent years, as a pregnancy photographer.