Wedding photography

Keeping the memory of your marriage forever

For me, wedding photography is about telling a beautiful story.

As a wedding photographer, I like to think that my couples, their children or future generations will be able to travel back in time and relive through photographs, the magic and the emotions of that unique and special day.

My photographic style is the reportage: I photograph you in a natural way, as you are, capturing all the moments of fun and joy, smiles and tears. To achieve this result I move with careful discretion. Nearly unseen by the guests, I disappear in the eyes of the bride and the groom, who can live this day of celebration with total spontaneity.

When the couple has fun and is relaxed, I can capture the most beautiful pictures.

Your only thought will be to live your day as if I were not there; my only thought will be to tell it in the best possible way.

I’ll follow you throughout the day: the morning’s preparations, the ceremony, the wedding reception, and the party.
During the day we will also realize couple portraits: a short photo session in which we will be just me and you, in a setting where the light can best express all of your beauty.

wedding photography laura francesconi

If you have already done the pre-wedding session with me, you will be even more prepared for this moment because in that case we will have already done some couple shots together and you will know exactly what it is. In the weeks following your wedding day, I will edit all the best and most significant shots and I will apply a light post-production to complete my work.

The delivery generally takes place within 90 days, when I give you all the digital shots, in a very high quality, contained in a wooden USB key. I also offer the possibility to collect and print the images in a fine art album.

I live and work in Sardinia and I am available to move throughout the island, but I also love discovering new locations in Italy and abroad. Do not hesitate to get in touch for multi-location arrangements.